Dr. Erika Gray


Dr. Erika Gray, PharmD, Co-Founder of ToolBox Genomics, has a PharmD from University of California at San Francisco, and works as a pharmacist at a Level I trauma center in both the inpatient pharmacy and emergency room. Her experiences in the emergency room of seeing the terrible manifestation of chronic diseases and in helping patients understand their biomarkers in relationship to their health paved the way for co-founding ToolBox Genomics.

After being diagnosed with endometriosis as a young woman, she reversed the illness through diet, lifestyle and supplements. She  became fascinated by the nuances of biochemistry and genetics, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in biochemistry at Chapman University.

Through her personal health journey, she found alternative medicine and conventional medicine seemed to be at odds with each other, but a  compounding pharmacist with whom she worked always found a way to explain and  reconcile both modalities.  Over the past 10 years, she has followed in her mentor’s footsteps, making clinical recommendations and helping patients translate their biomarkers into actionable items utilizing a variety of means: supplements, diet, lifestyle and medication.

Most recently, Dr. Gray was accepted to present at Health 2.0 and  completed the National Science Foundation iCorps program at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, a program focused on helping entrepreneurs validate and commercialize their ideas.  Additionally, she  was invited to give a presentation at the Microbiome and Nutrigenomic Summit in the San Francisco Bay Area. A California native, Dr. Gray resides in Oakland, CA with her husband, 2 children and small menagerie of animals.