Dr. Kori Propst


Dr. Kori Propst is the Wellness Director and Vice President of The Diet Doc, LLC. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, a master of science in counseling, and a doctorate in health psychology and behavioral medicine.

Her education is enhanced by certifications in personal training, health coaching, and lifestyle and weight-management consulting. She is also an ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) clinician.

The Diet Doc’s lifestyle based programming encourages individuals to adopt an approach of structured flexibility. With encouragement and the science of motivation built into every step of the process, clients adapt their behaviors and mindsets to facilitate safe, effective, and enduring health practices. Their individual metabolisms, lifestyles, food preferences, health conditions, activity levels, goals, and daily schedules are keys to developing their personal plans for success that can stand the test of time.

Kori specializes in nutrition and weight loss consulting incorporating flexible dieting and customized programming, physical and mental training, mind-body integration, optimal athletic performance, eating psychology coaching, mindset and peak performance coaching, and overall well-being. Kori is one of a few athletes who have earned professional status in all three divisions of Bodybuilding, Figure, and Fit Body within the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. She has also been a runner-up at the WNBF World Championships twice, and has earned pro titles at the Mid-America Pro-Am and the Pro-Cup in Sacramento.

Published in the Journal of Nutrition and various community magazines, Kori serves on the advisory board for Oxygen Women’s Fitness magazine, is a contributing writer for UltraFitness magazine, is an avid blog writer, teaches at national camps and retreats, and provides international webinars.

Kori coauthored 50 Days to Your Best Life with The Diet Doc founder, Dr. Joe Klemczewski in 2014. The new curriculum has become the foundation of The Diet Doc programming, including a sophisticated digital resource system for clients.

The Diet Doc’s weight loss programming, now included in 50 Days, blazes a trail for permanent success by simultaneously addressing the necessity of having flexible options while still employing exact types of meals through the day to accelerate body fat loss and optimal performance.

Kori welcomes any inquiries and can be reached via email at kori@thedietdoc.com.