Robyn Landis


ROBYN LANDIS is an ACE-certified fitness professional, health coach, Ayurvedic educator, and bestselling author, fitness nutrition specialist, motivation master, and "joyful mind-body transformer." She helps people happily, easily make the choices that will actually fuel what really matters most to them, and achieve the body and energy that’s fit for their dreams—without hype, regimens, extremes, or concern for irrelevant “weight.”

Robyn synthesizes nearly three decades of study, research and practice to deliver a signature blend of science, spirit and common sense. Her unique trademark Conscious Inspiration™ process has helped thousands overcome health-info confusion, overwhelm, and resistance—and break free of the Matrix-like paradigm she calls “Diet Thinking™.” Her clients learn to integrate food, exercise, rest, meditation and traditional healing into daily life, and become deeply happy getting exceptionally healthy. Healthy choices become joyful, natural, seamlessly who they are—rather than a separate obligation or chore.

Robyn's books (including Herbal Defense, cowritten with one of the country’s foremost plant medicine experts) have been published by Warner Books in five languages with a combined 200,000 copies in print. Going on three energetic decades of walking her talk, Robyn embodies and advocates a radically vibrant, radiant vision of “ wisening,” and tirelessly dissolves destructive myths about health and fitness. She offers individual and group coaching, including “NOURISH U: 9 Weeks to More Energy, Less Fat and a Super-Fueled Life.",